Las Vegas | Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop
Las Vegas | Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop
Las Vegas | Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop

Las Vegas | Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop

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The Wim Hof Method is the ultimate tool to increase your quality of life, being scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, manage chronic disease, boost your immune system, & much more.

  Here's a clip of our last group practicing Horse Stance to warm up for the ice bath!


You Will Learn:

* The basic idea and history behind the WHM

* The science that proves the WHM's effectiveness

* A basic understanding of the WHM & it's components

* The benefits of a daily WHM practice

* How to correctly apply the 3 Pillars & their importance

* Correct breathing technique & protocol

* Basic physiology behind the WHM

* Basic yoga poses to enhance your WHM practice

* Why mindset/commitment is a crucial part of the WHM

* How to correctly & safely expose yourself to the cold

* Safety & contraindications

You Will Receive:

* A complete understanding of how to safely & correctly have a basic daily WHM practice

* A vegan snack will be provided

* A preparatory instructional email explaining how to prepare for the workshop & what to bring

* A follow-up email providing instructions and guidance of how to have a daily WHM practice


*This workshop does not provide a WHM Instructor Certification. Attending this workshop does not give you permission to teach the WHM to others.* 

*Wim Hof will NOT be present during this Workshop.*

Fundamentals Workshop Schedule
Duration: 4-5 Hours (Including Lunch)

🧊 Introduction
🧊 WHM exercises & stretches
🧊 Theory & Science behind the WHM
🧊 Yoga for improved breathing
🧊 Guided WHM Breathing
🧊 Theory & Science behind breathing
🧊 Break/Snacks
🧊 Ice bath prep & safety
🧊 Horse Stance warm-up
🧊 ICE BATH! (2 minutes per person, don't worry!)
🧊 Horse Stance warm-up
🧊 Warm-up WHM breathing exercises
🧊 Theory & science of cold exposure
🧊 Questions/Open Discussion
🧊 Closing

wim hof method benefits

Workshop Dates & Location: 

Sunday, April 5th, 12-4 PM

Blue Sky Yoga | 107 E Charleston Blvd #145, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Pricing: $99.99

* CLICK HERE to save $5 by signing up through the Official WHM Event Page *

Testimonials of the Wim Hof Method From Around the World

Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Relief From Depression & Anxiety

Alleviation from Diabetes

Limited Space to 20 Students - SIGN UP AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

About Yoga Dan

Hi! I'm Dan Jacobs AKA Yoga Dan. A bit about me if you will; I've been a RYT-200 Yoga Instructor since 2016. A friend from the yoga center I taught at introduced me to Wim Hof, and I was immediately obsessed. How could this guy be enduring such cold temperatures in shorts?!

A few years later, Wim had a Fundamentals Workshop in Miami, and I got my ticket. The day before the event, I was working on my computer at The Standard Spa when I looked up and saw Wim in the cold plunge.

After composing myself and stopping uncontrollable nervous shakes, I slowly walked over and slunk into the tub with Wim. We had an awesome conversation about chakras, food, the world, we even did a headstand under the cold water together! Wim is one of those rare people that is exactly who he appears to be online, it was incredibly refreshing, and I walked away feeling like I made a friend.

The next day was the workshop and it was the first time I experienced the Method correctly. I was incorrectly doing it before and not getting the full effects. After learning how to properly breathe and expose myself to the cold, I knew I wanted to become an instructor and share this knowledge with the world.

I took the 10 Weeks Fundamentals Course, and applied for the LA Advanced Module Workshop. Wim made a surprise cameo there and remembered me! He really is the coolest dude.

In August 2019, I was accepted into the WHM Instructor Master Module, and with the help of my awesome WHM Family, passed. The experiences and bonds I made there will last me a lifetime, and I want to share that experience with as many people as I can.

The Wim Hof Method is by far the most effective and powerful tool to heal yourself. With its simplicity, immediate results, and university-backed research, it is my life mission to share this revolutionary method with the world. 

We are made to be healthy, happy, and strong!


About the Venue:

Blue Sky Yoga is located inside of The Arts Factory in Downtown Las Vegas.

Owned & operated by Cheryl Slader, all yoga classes adhere to the Karma Yoga principle, meaning all classes are donation based.

There is free parking, plenty of space to breathe & get chilly, & plenty of funky art to space out on when you come back to earth after the breathing exercises.

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